world of experience

brand architecture, trade fair stands, exhibitions

immerse. experience. change.




temporary architectures such as trade fair stands or exhibitions create moments of adventure without having to "sell" brands and companies. They can communicate in a playful way - about their ideas and values, about their products and their fields of activity. and you can immerse people in their world, creating an inspiring access to it.


they always move somewhat apart the daily business and allow for thought-provoking views. they are encounter and experience spaces at the same time.


we develop brand worlds, similar to films, in which you can dive in, in which you drift. sometimes quiet, sometimes loud. sometimes lucid, sometimes diffuse. sometimes dynamic, sometimes static. we create threshold spaces. creating dense atmospheres.



people want to experience, with all senses. the space - and especially the temporary architecture - is made for it!

example project 01 „poetry of shadows“

client: alteme licht ag

a place of rest should be created in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the fair, which inspires the senses of the visitors and the common discussions about the culture of light and the products.

example project 02

client: letvertise gmbh

the young company was faced with the task of realizing its first trade fair presentation with a low budget. for this purpose, commercial building materials were converted into space and furniture. influences from the minimal art met a precise processing.

example project 03 „random signs ll“

client: walter knoll gmbh &

the furniture fair „salone" is taking place in milan in the spring of the year. Walter Knoll's motto was to convey the feeling of being connected with spring over the exhibition stand.

example project 04 „projection“

competition: exhibtion design

in cooperation with dfz architekten, hamburg





the exhibition deals with the reproduction of memories and forward-looking ideas about the subject of flight. since only the present is manifest, the past and the future are diffuse, the exhibition uses semitransparent elements and projections.


out of this thought arise multilayered intersections. the visitor wanders through dreams and memories as through a three-dimensional holographic projection.