signage system

support. mark. orientate. connect. tell. convey.




people want to be able to move confidently and freely in space. they want to orient themselves, not to be directed by others. the functional task of an orientation system therefore consists primarily in the fact that people in buildings as well as in the exterior space can orient themselves dignified without having to seek help.


a good signage system, at best, also transports the culture of the organization or place in the way it is created and how it is created. it conveys what the place and its organization or institution stands for. the signage system is as much part of corporate design as conventional communication elements.


depending on the requirement, the signage system is applied either via information carriers [signs] or directly on the walls. this depends on the use of the building itself [in relation to the organizational structure] and on the frequency of changes that may occur as a result of the use of the building.

example project 01 „colourfields“,

client: city ingelheim [in cooperation with gernot schulz : architecture

example project 02 „adaption“,

client: union investment privatfonds gmbh

example project 03 „fhz“,

client: fh münster