spatial graphics

communication of corporate and organizational culture through visual stories





creativity has always proved to be a great asset to companies. while working environments create an atmosphere of inclusion and protection through the interior, inspiring stories create a creative perspective of the world of the organization.


through what we call applied arts, the history, culture and the wishes of a company, of an organization can be formulated as history and "anchored" in the space - similar to a symbol. they remind and inspire - and they make an important contribution to the atmosphere in the room through their sensitive interplay with architecture.


the work is developed in close dialogue with the client and the architect.

example project 01 „spot“,

client: schunk group, cooperation with mmz architects

example project 02 „impulse“,

client: pallottiner, cooperation with mmz architects

example project 03 „bitumen lll“,

client: restaurant tim raue, in cooperation with batek architects