only dialogue creates true development



in order to better understand the human being, our studio constantly researches and studies the topics 'human being', 'space' and 'nature'.


how does humankind experience space? how do we perceive? how do we experience? what potential does space offer to humans? where do interactions occur?


over the years, our researches have led to many texts, essays and comments. we also share this knowledge in lectures and thereby we offer new perspectives on well-known topics. and we enjoy the resulting exchange very much.

for us, it is important to reactivate old, forgotten knowledge and combine it with new knowledge. only those who understand humans can design and develop for and with them. only those who observe and understand their environment can contribute to a sustainable interaction between mankind and nature, between economy and society.


for this reason, the thoughts and ideas of different currents flow together. people such as fridjof capra [systems theoretician], nils bohm [physicist] or karl pribram [neurologist] have shown us the potential of the natural sciences, which we encounter in the movements of bauhaus, wabi sabi, the zen or the minimal art, to be reassembled with contemporary themes again.


to find answers to the questions of our time. to re-cultivate intellectual playing, which represents one of the most relevant possibilities of our time according to gerald hüther. to find creative solutions for a new, sustainable economy and life.



if you are interested, please contact us for lectures or publications. together with you, we develop possible topics.

publication of essays, comments and project publications on diverse topics in various magazines and platforms.