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communication concept for corporate culture

[Translate to Englisch:] german design award

development of a symbol for the communication of schunk groups corporate culture that aims to create an artificial access into the vision and history of the company. the concept is addressed to visitors and employees disregarding their nationality, confession or age. 



what is the unique characteristic of the schunk group? where is the poetical moment between the brand and its association with carbon? where to build bridges between the cultural identity, the phantasy of humans and the industrial product?

how to develop a certain kind of language that makes images speak and builds a bridge to the cultural identity of the schunk group? a language that creates an association between the employees pursuit and the communication of the company? that supports new subjects for research, new products, new partners?

out of these questions the concept of "spot" was risen.

sinnbildes zur vermittlung der unternehmenskultur der schunk group

after his dead the founder ludwig schunk handed the company over to the whole workforce. today every employee is involved in the company and part of a big community. 


out of this thought the symbol for the schunk world was developed. thousands of employees are part of a certain wholeness. this connection is illustrated by thousands of carbon pieces which create something new when they connect with other elements. the creation of our world is based on this reaction. recurring beginnings, constant being and passing – sometimes dynamic, sometimes quite, sometimes explosive, sometimes slowly or fluent. 


22quadrat used the smallest part of these processes – the dust particle – as base of the planning. even this particle seems to be unimportant everybody knows that stars and planets are developed out of this conglomeration. 22quadrat translates this dust particle into the most simple form – the dot. readable for everybody not regarding his nationality, age, education or confession. 


visual result of the communication concept is a complex spatial graphic which was created via large format hand drawings. the graphic welcomes the visitor and leads him intuitive through the corporate culture and the company´s spaces. the hand drawings are completed by a reduced orientation system.



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[Translate to Englisch:] zitronenfalter auf gelber raumgrafik schunk group
[Translate to Englisch:] visuelles ergebnis des kommunikationskonzeptes ist eine komplexe raumgrafik, die mittels großformatiger handzeichnungen das gebäude durchziehen
gelbe raumgrafik handzeichnung

schunk group / "spot" / communication concept for corporate communication / heuchelheim / germany / 2013 / 

photos: 22quadrat


awards: german design award 2015 nominee / german design award 2015 special mention