22quadrat / "experiment silence" /

concept for visualisation of values in terms of atmosphere

development of a room concept that is based 22qaudrat values and attitude. the project is focused on the human as natural being. themes like education and learning were respected during the interior planning. 


how unfolds a human itself? when is it possible for him/her to deepen into certain subjects, to create new horizons of knowledge? how to support passion for particular tasks? wich functions must be respected? what kind of moods and atmospheres are important for this process? 


out of these questions „experiment silence“ was developed. 



konzept zur visualisierung von werten durch atmosphäre

function, economy and design are still primary elements for the selection of materials and their usage while planning architecture. only after that the planners think about the human. this is the result of synthetical materials wich are often used and so determine our environment.  this kind of sense for materials leaves a cold feeling behind. 


honest, simple and natural materials are able to change their appearnace during their use and time after time - just like us. but so they can gain charisma, absorb a certain kind of atmosphere and save experiences in their inside. the knowledge of natural transience gives us a certain kind of feeling. it supports empathy and thoughtfulness - for humans, environment and tasks. natural impulse is a result of this empathy. joy, inspiration and creativity are developed by passion! irrespective of age, confession and education. 


the project „experiment silence“ is based on the idea that humans are able to grow beyond their limits if they are able to develop themselves appropriately. for this development there must be appropriate rooms, materials and atmospheres. it is all about supporting the childish curiosity of humans so they can develop and deepen their interests at the same time. for this process there must be a certain kind of emptiness paired with known forms. result of this positive emptiness is inspired concentration, creativity, sustainable quality and a personal, project based development.  



the interior concept aims to make the human feel filled up with positive emotions instead of feeling exhausted. 


on this idea „experiment silence“ was established. functional, emotional rooms were developed. rooms that combine a high - quality technic, contemporary tools and an unexcited, welcoming atmosphere. as a result bright, rooms with warm and natural materials were developed to suuport communication and exchange of ideas. on the other hand the office spaces offers silent places for introverted working such as researching and analyzing. the toilet for example is designed in dark wood. its minimalized interior support the visitors to get back to his center.  


the modularity of the furniture creates a mental distance. all elements of the office can change their place concerning different work tasks. so the team is able to act flexible and task orientated. after finishing the project the elements can easily be brought back to their original position. 


results are high - quality, minimalistic, unexcited rooms where concentration, expansion and exchange of ideas are possible. the rooms absorb the vital impression of nature without reducing the funtcionality of furniture and tools. 



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interieur hochwertiger, minimalistisch unaufgeregter raum, in dem entfaltung, konzentration und austausch möglich ist
interieur räume, materialien und atmosphären, die kindliche neugier im menschen fördern, damit entfaltung und vertiefung gleichermaßen entstehen
ziel des interieurkonzeptes ist es, dass sich der mensch nach der arbeit erfüllt fühlt anstatt erschöpft, sie sollte ihm kraft geben anstatt sie zu ihm nehmen

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