rieder smart elements / "beyond skin" /

communication concept for cultural identity


conception of a communication concept that convey the cultural identity of concrete and the producer of fiber cement „rieder“.


it was the aim to show the original vision of the company by regarding all economical and technical developments of the company that happened during the last years. out of this the following questions helped to find a concept. 


how to create creative new impulses for employees, partners and clients. impulses that can help to develop new products? new topics? where do these impulses come from? how to develop an intuitive access to the original vision of the compmany? 



how to guarantee that these new impulses will be embedded meaningful by respecting the evolutionary process of the company? how to communicate cooperate values and attitude in a way that outstanding people can coop them up with their own values? 


how to build a sustainable relationship between partners in mind? 

entwicklung eines kommunikationskonzeptes zur vermittlung der kulturellen identität rieders

22quadrat developed a metaphor that gives partners, clients and employees of the company rieder the possibility to find an easy way to get access into rieders passion. this metaphor serves as impulse which brings a creative processes to all participants and helps them to develop new ideas by focusing on the history and evolution of the company.  


furthermore the concept has the potential to sharpen the companies profile and show possibilities for new products and cooperations. the concept was developed by focussing on the current corporate culture of rieder and its daily actions. 


by perfecting its production processes rieder developed a way to reduce its waste over the past years. result was on the one hand an intelligent economy and on the other hand the perfection of the materials surface. by perfecting the concretes surface it lost its original, rough appearance of the stone. 


recognizing this development lead to the right process. after years of optimizing its technical and economical processes rieder had to come back to its roots which are part of the cultural identity and creativity. it was the aim to simplify the readability and application of the corporate culture. to create playful and natural accesses by exposing the archaical moment of the stone inside the concrete. 



result of this reflexion is the communication concept „beyond skin“ that was created in close cooperation between rieder and 22quadrat. it shows the connection between us humans and the natural essence of the stone in rieders concrete. it reveals that things that often lie beyond something are more mysterious than you might think at first. these things might have the potential to create an atmosphere that supports the equality of all objects inside one room and create a sensible harmony. 


furthermore it was developed a new, poetic product series that shows the original qualities of the concretes surface and reveals parts of the production process. 



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die die natürliche zufälligkeit der betonoberflächen bewahrt und eine anmutung des entstehungsprozesses offenbart.

rieder smart elements / "beyond skin" / communication concept for cultural identity / kolbermoor / germany / 2013 – 2014 / 

photos: 22quadrat