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communication concept for corporate culture

development of a communication concept to convey the corporate culture of philipp hafner on third parties – employees, clients and partner. philipp hafner is specialist for the production of measurement technology.


where lies the magical moment of measurement technology? what provokes one to develop the want to measure micro units aside functional use? where is the passion rooted that helped building the company philipp hafner?


what possibilities has the brand "philipp hafner" to help clients, employees and partners finding the meaningful content for their lives in connection with their personal mission? where lies the interface that support dialogues and creative thinking?

with the help of lot of constructive dialogues, questioning and the thoughtfulness for the very own, personal expression 22quadrat developed a universal metaphor which is more an exciting journey than the image of a technical process. on the one hand the metaphor deals with the humans on the other hand with the technique. the effort of humans to expand their horizon is a never ending process. the technique on the other hand changes everyday.


22qudrat worked out that the search for micro measurement is the never ending journey for the company. it is a big part of philipp hafners corporate culture. by consequent and permanent analysis the working method is reflected, optimized and deepened.


to communicate these values 22quadrat developed the metaphor "approach". the viewer is able to feel the passion of philipp hafner regardless education, nationality and age.


this metaphor symbolizes the slow but permanent approach – thoughtful with vision, silence and humility. the aim is to support the understanding of a certain wholeness on which our nature and environment is based on. on the other hand this understanding should help showing new possible startings – points of surrounding disciplines. by this new fields of activity, potential partners and clients can find access to the world of philipp hafner.

the art making it visible


only a small fracture of the surrounding fantastic world touches our souls, resonates in us and and carries the sound of the world into our hearts. but for the greater part we‘re are left dispassionate by it. 


where our senses are limited and encounter insurmountable barriers, technical solutions are at hand – philipp hafner helps to shift these barriers and to make a step into the great unknown that lies beyond. new worlds of the micro- and macrocosm are revealed, new dimensions are unfolding to take us on an adventurous journey. complementing and enhancing our innate senses by a symbiosis of the human spirit and technical tools.



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philipp hafner / "approach" / concept for visualisation of corporate culture / stuttgart, fellbach / germany / 2014 – 2015 / 

fotos: 22quadrat



awards: red dot communication design award 2016 / iconic award 2016