rene brückner. mario gerken [gerken media]. ricardo köhne. moritz mergheim. david rohrmann. christian röper. sven schipp [con 3 productions]. kristina sehr. patrick voigt. sabine voigt. denis vidinski [mitbegründer und partner 2008 - 2012]. lukas wasmuth.


cooperation with architects, designers, scientists, companies and border crossers.

information on the application



every partner is an important part of our 22quadrat cosmos. with his/her personal interests and abilities, she/he contributes an elementaty component to the whole of our work.


22quadrat therefore sees itself as a place where people can integrate and develop holistically – on which they can grow. sustainable development requires attention and time. therefore the duration of an internship is at least six months. 

in your application, please make sure that your work fits in with us formally and / or conceptually. this is very important for future cooperation – for both sides. 


please send us only your best pages. work that is really close to your heart and reflect your style. so we get an honest and personal impression of you. 


we are therefore looking forward to your own free projects and work as "fulfilled" tasks that you have developed in the course of your studies – what counts is the expression. 


we are looking forward to your application!