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who we are

22quadrat develops general receptive design for national and international brands and institutions. here the studio acts in the interface of architecture, economy and culture, which is established in the fringe range of art. it is the aim to strength the closeness between humans, culture and economy.


the basis of all works is always the human, that 22quadrat works for an with – his vision, his values, his mindset, his place. the design of the interdisciplinary studio always result from the thoughtfulness for the already existing. often its the assumed inconspicuous things of daily routine, the things that are realized intuitive, more than understood rationally. the permanent non-project relevant search of the studio for new and old knowledge reflects a state of mind, that goes beyond every single project. long-term studies such as "atmospheres", "silence", "color", "secrets", "ornaments", "intuition", "simplicity", "sustainable ways of life" and many more create the columns of that search. resulting from that, the team can propose that knowledge, that has survived countless trends, in every project.


omplex contents need from the studios point of view an easy, readable, visual language. they need common comprehensible, inviting stories, communicating independent, both internally and externally. second glances shall be rewarded. 22quadrat understands design as a universal language, to transport ideas, thoughts, wishes and dreams and to communicate the ineffable. observers are inspired by the way, that they took active part by the process of interaction. therefore the works are never self-contained, but offer space for phantasy, which everyone can fill and share with its own nature.


the work is almost exclusively drafted and implemented by the own team an their longtime partner. they connect user, architecture and visitor.


every work is a unique.