"shift happens" / graphic design /bookconcept and -design

development of the book concept "shift happens" for the ppm company in times of change. how can business and meaning be linked more strongly and inspiringly in the future? 



the book describes an epochal change based on the history of ppm. as a retail designer and shop fitter, ppm has perceived a significant shift in society based on the changing inner cities. restaurants have grown out of many former store areas. consumption has given rise to the need for encounter. the need for relationships has grown out of encounter. this is evident in both large and small, in private and business life. what potential is hidden behind this change?



the book illuminates this change from the meta-level. because change is omnipresent, it is the motor of life. through change, new things emerge, permanently. the current shift that we are currently experiencing is captured in the way we see and understand ourselves and our world. it is of incredible importance and its effects can be felt everywhere. our view of the world is changing and with this change many potentials become apparent - for all of us: the individual, society, for the economy. it shows the limits of the old view of the world and creates perspectives for the new one that is just emerging, which is becoming more apparent day by day. what chances result from the shift that is currently taking place? how can we use the dynamics for a better future, in which development, joy and life are once again in the foreground?



all texts, photos, book excerpts and drawings are part of 22quadrat's research on the topics of cooperation, healthy spaces and systemic action, business and research. the book is intended to inspire, to encourage lateral thinking and to give pleasure in the time that still lies ahead. 

ppm / shift happens / graphic design / book design / concept, editorial, design, layout / dormagen, germany / 2020 /

photos: 9sekunden