"the entrance to the rabbit ran straight, like a tunnel, and then suddenly went downhill; before she could even hold fast to the thought, she felt that she fell, as it seemed, into a deep deep well."



abstract of “alice´s adventures in wonderland“, lewis carroll [1865]

atmospheric long-term study, which deals with the topic of the portal. what are passages, passed, split, between[-]spaces? What do these spaces mean for architecture? What does the portal for man and his space mean?

"[...] in the spring of 1990, navidson, with his thirty-seven-year-old girl friend karen green, and his two children, chad [8] and daisy [5], moved to the house of the ash tree lane by real estate broker alicia rosenbaum - where he wanted to record the everyday life of the family with different cameras and movement sensors.


when the navidsons returned from a wedding party in seattle at the beginning of june, they found a simple white door with a glass knob on the parents' bedroom, which had not been seen before. behind it was a room about 1.20 by 1.50 meters, also accessible from the children's bedroom. since the permanently installed cameras had not taken pictures between departure and return, was apparently during the absence of the family nobody in the house. [...]


no building plans existed anymore from the house builted around 1720, but navidson procured himself the copies for the permission of an extension from the building inspection office [but the cultivation had not been carried out]. on the plan was only a wall between the bedrooms. thereupon navidson measured the house inside and out and realized to his amazement that it was inside 6 millimeters longer than outside. [...]"


abstract content "house of leaves", mark z. danielewski

"portals" / spatial study / medicina [italia], são miguel, azores [portugal], osnabrück, merzen, hamburg, bregenz [austria], ischgl [austria] / 2008 - 2017

photos: 22quadrat