pattern- and structure studies water / "frequencies"

"feelings are neither positive nor negative; they are elementary forces with their own vibrations and functions in our life energy. they are necessary for our health and well-being. fear protects us, wrath defends us, sadness frees us, joy builds us up and compassion connects us."


gabrielle roth [musician, dancer]

"the researchers kiwamu nishida and ryota takagi from tokio were aware that not only earthquakes set the planet in motion. in 60 tunes the earth grumbles inaudible, eleven octaves too deep to be perceived by humans. winds, oceans, avalanches and even the mining massages the ground. 


but the movements are extremely weak. even though the entire planet vibrates, it produces only 500 watts, equivalent to the power of five incandescent bulbs. the waves swing very slowly."


[extract magazine "spiegel", september 2016]

"the schumann frequency is the fundamental resonance frequency in our living space, the one of the earth globe and the "spherical condenser", which surrounds the ionosphere around 100 km high. each energy discharge between the ionosphere and the earth surface, ie every normal lightning strike, produces as an accessory radiowaves, which supply the energy to maintain the resonance oscillation in this resonance space. the schumann frequency is according to the german physicist prof. dr. w.o. schumann and was first calculated by him in 1952. later, in the fifties, prof. herbert könig, a pupil of schumann, measured this frequency exactly for the first time. the elementary frequency, the fundamental frequency of a whole spectrum of resonant frequencies, is 7.83 hertz. [...] 


investigations have shown that the schumann frequency is in exact resonance with the hippocampal frequency of humans and all mammals. this signal was given by the nasa [prof. persinger], prof. r. wever and the biophysicist dr. wolfgang ludwig independently recognized as "biological normal", without which human beings can not get along."


[source: dipl. psych. roswitha sandel, dr. med. peter sandel]

pattern- and structure studies water
water and sound for the visualization of fine and non-material
everything oscillates in its own frequency
effect of frequencies to water
frequencies form concentric circles in water

water and sound for the visualization of fine and non-material  



water is considered to be the basic force of nature. it shapes our earth, has always determined our evolution. it circulates in eternal circuits between heaven and earth, connects and shapes all living together. water serves as a store and mediator of information, thoughts, feelings. 


the vibrations of the water in the human body save energy and information, thoughts and feelings of the surrounding nature. everything oscillates in its own frequency. water has the ability to resonate with these vibrations. in this way "information" is passed on and made visible through the vibrations of the water. so we also develop a permanent exchange of feelings, ideas and information between us. they are passed from being to beings.

frequency study

frequencies / pattern and structure studies based on water / 2013 – 2016

film, sound and photographs: 22quadrat