ergosign / concept, spatial graphics and orientation system

in close cooperation with the client ergosign gmbh and the architect mario krämer [flosundk] a glossy-chromatic spatial graphic was developed. it spreads through the new building. a minimalistic orientation system complements it.


the building was designed to be open. the employees as well as the graphics move freely through the structure. colour and surface texture are a reference to the metallic façade of the building. the character of the graphic changes from bright to dark, depending on the angle of the observer. the new building has large windows on all levels. the appearance of the graphic changes repeatedly over the day due to permanent light incidence and alternating light intensity.


in 2010 ergosign wins the building developer award of the chamber of architects saarland. 

ergosign gmbh / spatial graphics and orientation system / saarbrücken / 2009 

cooperation with flosundk – architektur + urbanismus, saarbrücken

photographs: 22quadrat