the studio's permanent project-independent search for old and new knowledge reflects a way of life that goes far beyond any single project. as a result, we always fall back on knowledge that has already weathered many fashions and trends.


the studies are a part of it.

perception study / "one second"
spatial study / "proportion"
spatial study / "portals ll"
photographic series / "houses l"
light study / "photons"
architectural study / air-raid shelter "redlinger street"
spatial- and structure study / "flux lll"
spatial- and structure study / "flux l and ll"
spatial study / "fractals"
spatial study / "void"
spatial study installation / "splinter"
ambient spatial study / "portals l"
spatial studies water / "densities"
pattern- and structure studies water / "frequencies"
ornamental studies
film-study / "transcendent patterns" [adaption]
installation / "lichtzwang" / luminale 2010
urban concept study / "suburban tuning"
concept study / "all the machines…"
spatial studies
installation / monastery malgarten
film / "chute"