photographic study "houses" [abstract]

“there is nothing in another man that is not in me. this is the only foundation for understanding people among themselves.“


erich fromm [psychoanalyst, philosopher and social psychologist]

the long-term study is a sensitive approach to the archetypical habitat of human being. how does man create space away from decoration, external representation and material pageantry? the search focuses on honest places, where one perceives an atmospheric quality.


where is the secret, the „impalpable“? access and bypass, artlessness and protection, flexibility and stability. target can be a future build for an intuitive extension of the "inner space".


the work is part of an extensive photographic approach, which deals with the question of what human beings and spaces unites separating structures like money, religion, land borders.

“houses“ / photographic study [abstract] / bali, indonesia / 2017

photos: patrick voigt