spatial studies / "portals II"

atmospheric long-term study, which deals with the theme of portals. what do atmosphere and mysticism mean for architecture? where to find transitions in spaces that excite our imagination? where can these lead? and how can they be transferred to our buildings?


in this study, we are seeking for answers in places whose meaning and function have gradually been overlapped by time and natural processes. what purpose did they have? how were they used? from whom were they used? what have old civilizations been dealing with and in what relationship do they know about our technical orientation today? which knowledge is subject to these places? what was preserved, what was lost? what can we deduce, what imagine?


on this basis, a new, second, dilated look is recommend - a humble look at places, objects, that we have linked a long time ago to an information that color or even cloud our current view at every moment.

"i claim that our poetry is missing a center, as mythology was for the ancient, and everything essential, in which the modern poetic art of the ancient is inferior, can be summed up in the words: we have no mythology. but, i suppose in addition, we are close to receiving one, or rather, it is time to seriously contribute to producing one. [...]


the new mythology must be formed out of the deepest depths of the mind; it has to be the most artificial of all works of art, for it is to embrace all others, a new bed and vessel for the ancient eternal source of poetry and even the infinite poem, which veils the germs of all other poems. [...]


mythology and poetry, both are one and inseparable. all the poems of antiquity are joining one to the other, until the whole is formed out of even greater masses and members; everything interlocks, and everywhere the same spirit is expressed differently. and so it is truly no empty picture, to say: the old poetry is a single, indivisible, finished poem. why should not be over again, what has already been? in another way, of course. and why not an enjoyable, bigger one? "


[friedrich von schlegel / cultural philosopher, author / 1772 - 1829 / in "kritische schriften"]

“portals II“ / spatial study / 2017

film and sound: 22quadrat