transcendent patterns / film-study / "adaption - pattern-formation through self-organisation"

“the world seems to be a complex web of processes, with alternating, overlapping and interacting connections that eventually determine the structure of the whole web.“


werner heisenberg

transcendent patterns are surrounding us but most of the time we fail to notice them. we forgot how to recognise or perceive them. yet they form our world with all it's structures. they are hidden or scattered, large but still inconspicuous, often beyond human comprehension. in them the secret of the connection between everything is concealed.


the study tries to uncover these patterns, to sensitise us for the diversity and fragility of nature.


the film originated within framework of the project-study "adapation – pattern-formation through self-organisation. it is part of a more complex film project and will be continued in 2016. 

transcendent patterns / film-documentation / concept: 22quadrat / film: christian röper / music: percival pembroke / 2014 – 2015