union investment / "adaption" /

concept and cultural identity

ausgezeichnet mit dem red dot communication design award 2016

conception of a communication system that is based on the fundamental principle of nature and takes employees, partner and clients on a „journey“ into the corporate culture of union investment. the lust to discover new things and the intuition of mankind serve as access into this complex cosmos. 


how to support employees and clients with their personal development? where is the connection between the deeper meaning of a brand and the personal pursuit of happiness in ones life? where can we make an interface between human and brand? 


and how to communicate the complex world of union investment within this interface? somewhere between technical and interpersonal topics? the concept developed for union investment and eurocres by 22quadrat is the result of a profound reflection of those questions. outcome is the developed allegory „adaption“.  

entwicklung eines kommunikationskonzeptes, das auf den grundprinzipien der natur beruht

union investement is a permanent moving company. mental and physical. the results of this qualities are foresight, vision and flexibility and a major part of the corporate culture. its an aim to maintain this part of corporate culture and to visualize it; for employees, clients and partner. exchange of ideas, reflexion and leteral thinking by playful immersion.


out of this results 22quadrat developed a communication concept, that grants employees, partners and clients an intuitive view inside the attitude and values of union investment.


the exchange of ideas, a reflexion and an immersion of the solidarity for the corporate culture of union investment - inside and outside -  is one aim of the communication concept. by finding a connection to the creativity of the viewer, 22quadrat finds a way to stimulate his phantasy and motivates him to become more active - in private and working life. different stories - somewhere between science and fantastic literature - inspire the viewer and stimulate his creative instincts which are connected with the corporate principles of union investment. 


in the beginning the primary task was to create a complex orientation system for the company´s new building. the flexibility of union investment built the base for this concept. one of the most important criteria was that the system is able to react to any changes without loosing functional or artistically quality. elementary basic condition was the fact that single departments in the building rotate frequently. this is part of a grown corporate culture.


fundamental principles of this flexibility have their roots in our evolution and nature. they are part of human intuition. such as rational, structured - constructive behavior and work habits which are also part of the western economy culture, but often prevents the natural flexibility. „adaptions“ aim is to design those principles of self management and organization as simple as possible to make them accessible. 


result of this analysis was the perception that the symbol „adaption“ has the potential to create a world full of myths and knowledge which exists beyond a simple orientation system. due to this result three sub - operations were developed. they depict the complexity and simplicity of the system at the same. furthermore they promote the use of the system by playful instruments. click here for the different parts of the project: 


orientationsystem, that depicts a formal, neutral, example for the system of adaption by using geometrical forms.


spatial graphic that reflects one of the most familiar systems - the city.


an exhibition on 21 floors, that deals with the human understanding of natural systems - from the development of the human understanding, the first tries of arranging something into simple groups to the understanding of complex order systems, wich we still try to understand and explore.

das orientierungssystem, das sich als  formal neutrales und simples systembeispiel der adaption durch geometrische grundformen abbildet.
raumgrafiken, die das uns alltäglichste und somit vertrauteste system wiederspiegeln - die stadt.

union investment / "adaption" / concept and absorption of cultural identity / frankfurt a.m. / germany / 2014 – 2015 /

cooperation with eurocres consulting, berlin, germany

photos: 22quadrat


awards: red dot award communication design 2016