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communication concept for corporate culture

deepening and elaboration of a communication concept for the tkm group and communicating of its vision, history and area of activity. with the help of the brand tkm, society and industrialization should be brought closer together. society and industrialization need to develop a responsible relationship with our limited, natural resources. to develop this consciousness is one aim of the work.


how can the brand tkm support its employees to develop their interests and skills with fun, during work and also in private life?


which subjects unite all humans? and what subjects correspondent with the brand tkm and its fields of activities?


where are junctions between the suspicious individual and the brand?


the concept "cultural expressions" points out the first signs that should serve as junctions and inspirational moments in the future.

about the development of cultural expressions.


a lot of humans have lost the intuition for handcrafted performance and the precise technical developments and their usage. the "modern" human has no close relationship to the industries he works in. aim if the concept is to bring human and industry closer together and to build a natural balance between them.


the company tkm group is focused on the attention of cutting tools for the paper industry such as squeegees for the application and removal of color on nip rolls. every tool that is produced under technical perfection nowadays, has its origin in the first forms of expression, wich were realized by most simple tools.


based on this 22quadrat develops a communication concept that discovers the topics "cutting" and "colors" and makes them experienceable. with the help of artistic positions the relationships between human, craftwork and industrial production are shown. due to the permanent interaction between art – handcraft and industrial production, the processes are reinforced permanently. random results such as results of research will be transferred from individual use into industrial production time after time.

goal of the work is to realize intuitive, simple access to the corporate culture of tkm group and its work programs. best case scenario is the development of a deeper relationship to the brand – by merging the personal pursuit of mankind and its individual appeal.


the carryover on the concept happened on two levels. first step was designing walls on the exhibition stand of tkm, by using an artificial approaches that show the relationship between the brand and art craft. the second step was to create ten books during ten days, by using different kinds of craftwork inside the exhibition stand of tkm.


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tkm group / "cultural expressions" / communication concept for corporate culture / düsseldorf / 2016

fotos: 22quadrat