cultural identity

22quadrat analyzes, simplifies and deepens the corporate culture of and with [inter-]national operating corporations and institutions, to establish their significance on the market and within society. intensified profiles and translated complex contents allow possibilities for corporations, to face future developments with creativity and to express new potential exploratory fields and business topics.

spatial communication

the design of 22quadrat varies from communicating functional information to the development and visualization of cultural identity. the range of action includes guidance systems, spatial design and installations, interior design as well as trade fair architecture, flagshipstore- and exhibitiondesign for cultural and functional orientation.

visual identity

22quadrat develops the visual appearance of sophisticated institutions and brands for analog or digital media. beyond that, through word, photography and film 22quadrat creates access to a brands dns and the spirit of impressive architecture and spaces.

free works

independent art- and research projects serve as a field of experimentation for the own permanent development and at the same time they build the foundation for future works in the field of applied design.