study about perception

"one second"



"have you ever wondered about the texture of reality? where does she come from? how did she get here? and how she has organized herself so that I can now observe her as her result?"


nassim haramein [abstract from "the nature of reality"]

the space around us is flooded with information – waves and particles in innumerable appearances. only a few touch the strings of our perception, while most of them remain hidden for us. what remains is an interpretation of what we call reality – our senses filter the information out of space. our brain "interprets" this information. the "reality" that our brain presents to us remains incomplete.


a human being is able to see 25 pictures per second. the following 25 unique patterns take place in a single second. however, in the movement, they flow into each other for us so that they are only perceived as a brief reminder. and our day consists of 86,400 of such sequences.


if we are not even able to perceive these 25 individual patterns in their entirety, which hide in a second, what else is still hidden in our mind in this eternal spectacle, which takes place before us every day?

"one second" / frequence study with water about human perception / 2017 – 2018

concept, film/photos: 22quadrat